Andrea Lobo, PhD, science writer —

Andrea Lobo holds a PhD in cell biology/neurosciences from the University of Coimbra-Portugal, where she studied stroke biology. As a research scientist for 19 years, Andrea participated in academic projects in multiple research fields, from stroke, gene regulation, cancer, and rare diseases. She has authored multiple research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Articles by Andrea Lobo

Patient-derived ‘mini-brains’ may aid study of Dravet syndrome

Brain-like organoids, or “mini-brains,” that are specific to affected brain regions and derived from patients could act as models for studying the underlying molecular mechanisms of Dravet syndrome, a study shows. Researchers created patient-derived organoids of the forebrain, a region enriched with types of nerve cells called GABAergic neurons…

Dravet Children’s Behavioral, Emotional Gains Tied to Fintepla

Fintepla (fenfluramine) is associated with dose-dependent, clinically meaningful improvements in everyday behavioral and emotional control, as well as the ability to adapt to new situations, in preschool-aged children with Dravet syndrome. These benefits weren’t always tied to a clinically meaningful reduction in the frequency of seizures, suggesting the…